Project: The Food Runners 

Commissioned by: Nike

Type: Lifestyle Advertorial Campaign / Web Series / Commercial Portraiture / Product Photography

Nike has always been more than a sporting goods brand. They have led the way in athletic performance research and sports technology with many endorsements from professional athletes worldwide. In recent years they have also focused their research on ways to improve the performance of those who are not professional athletes but that are passionate aficionados of the sports and fitness realm and want to improve their game and physical aptitude.

As part of their determination to motivate others who are not professional athletes reach their physical goals; Nike joined forces with Acquired Taste Magazine to equip some of Toronto’s up and coming chefs with state of the art Nike technology, goods, a dietary plan, and a group workout plan schedule.

We were asked to create portraits of each of the participants, document the main events of the project, and produce product shots in a unique way for the social media campaign and web series. 

Project: Fare and Provisions Campaign

Commissioned by: The Drake Hotel

Type: Advertising Campaign/Lifestyle Advertorial

The Fare and Provisions Campaign was a commercial initiative created by the Drake Hotel in which they asked Toronto’s most prominent food and beverage industry leaders, to create one-of-a-kind products that reminded them of treasured family memories and honoured parenthood.

In this project we were asked to combine our editorial, portraiture and lifestyle advertisement skills to create warm and compelling images that appeal to successful young parents in an advertorial form, but that could also be used for brand advertising. The images were used for in-store, web and social media campaign, as well as on advertorial interviews featured in Acquired Taste Magazine.

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